Best Face Mask for Sports ( Basketball)

Disclaimer:  Everyone should try to social distance and this article is being written for when we can safely return to play.

I wrote this article about a month ago in the hopes that the entire country would be playing basketball in person.  I know there is a huge group of athletes that are playing basketball and other sports while wearing a mask so I hope this is useful article.

My Favorite: The Under Armour Adults Sports Mask ( CLICK HERE)

Under armour Face mask

  • 100% Polyester and drys well
  • Pull On closure that makes it easy to pull on and off
  • The Mask Machine Washable
  • Made with UA materials and what I love it is  designed to be worn all day when you are playing sports or just walking around
  • Fits all faces
  • It uses the UA Iso-Chill fabric that feels great next to the skin for face comfort

Disposable Face Masks ( CLICK HERE)

  • A lot of my players like these as they are easier to breadth and can just be thrown out at halftime or the end of the game


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