Failing has never been so fun

Failing has never been so fun. I pen these words while sitting in 92-degree weather, watching the worst soccer I have seen in my life. Players stand flat-footed, in packs, unmoving, with no position play, passing, cutting, or moving of any planned sort. Instead, kids...

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Things I Don’t Coach Anymore (Stop the Slide)

Things I Don’t Coach Anymore (Stop the Slide) Let me ask you a question as fellow-coach: How do we think our defense player is going to move as fast sliding sideways, as his approaching dribbling offense player is going to move sprinting toward him? I have watched...

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Role of Faith in Basketball Coaching

Role of Faith in CoachingALL great basketball themes are religious themes. And, they are shared in common by nearly all Creeds of the world.I once attended a leadership program at Harvard, called “Faith & Leadership,” where 40 people from different religions and...

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Improve your basketball coaching and playing game on YOUTUBE

Improve Your Game-YouTube If you’re anything like me, you’ve logged into YouTube before to search for drills for your team or an individual player. I happen to also search drills for my oldest son (even though he’s only 4). There are a ton of videos out there, how do...

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How to Save High School Basketball (HSB)

How to Save High School Basketball (HSB)All organizational failure begins, and ends, with leadership failure.Some predict the death of HSB in 10-years; I believe this is definitely true in girls BB especially, and most likely true in boys hoops. To save HSB, the most...

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Why High School Basketball is Failing

Why High School Ball is Failing Here is the good news: AAU is not killing high school basketball (HSB). The bad news is that schools are themselves killing HSB, or, more accurately, school boards are killing it.This is a 2-part series: first (here), Why HSB is...

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Coaching Faith, with Faith

The Coach's MindGiving coaches something new to think about each TuesdayCoaching Faith, w FaithNothing makes a public school teacher more nervous than discussions of religion. The same for a basketball coach, by extension.This article is designed to help you as coach...

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2 Great Coaches: John Wooden and Ernest Blood

Basketball’s First Wizard By Chic Hess For Free Basketball drills, videos, practice plans and much more CLICK HERE John Wooden, the Wizard of Westwood, is the coach by whom modern-day coaches are measured. Winning ten of twelve NCAA Championships has immortalized his...

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Top Ten Basketball Movies

Top 10 Basketball Movies As the days of summer heat up, stay cool inside and watch some classic basketball movies! For Free Basketball drills, videos, practice plans and much more CLICK HERE My Top 10 Basketball Movies (plus honorable mentions): Honorable Mention #1:...

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