Junk Defense makes it sound like its a trick…No Trick HERE

1. Confusion – This forces the opposition to run an offense completely different to their normal playing style. Forcing the opposition to make massive changes to their game-plan is always a good thing for the defense.

2. Star Players Will Get Frustrated and Tired– Imagine how frustrating and tiring it will be for their star players who are unable to get open while their teammates pass the basketball around and take shots.

3. Easy to Implement – Easy to teach using man principles.

1. Middle of the Zone and the mid-range jumper – The middle of a zone is always the most vulnerable position on the court for the offense to exploit. It’s imperative that your weak side players are always in the correct position to deny the pass into the middle of the zone.

2. Can’t be used oftne against great shooting teams – If the team has patience and moves the ball they will find open shots.

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