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      Joshua Steck

      Hey Coach:
      I was listening to the Podcasts driving down to watch a College practice a couple of weeks ago.
      I can’t remember the exact podcast, and have tried to find it the last couple of days.

      Anyways, you mentioned the 3 Somethings (D’s E’s??) and it was something you were going to incorporate in to your practices. A player at the end talking about their 3 somethings. You mentioned it revolving around a struggle?, a positive? (maybe something summer related that they did that was a positive?).
      I thought it was something that I wanted to do as well.

      Thanks for the help!
      Coach Steck

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      Another thing similar to this that I do is called you, me, we. After we talk at the end I call on guys or they volunteer. They have to say something from practice that another player did well (YOU, Johnny hustled in 11 man drill). Then something they themselves did well (ME, I did a good job blocking out in closeouts). Then something the whole team did well (WE responded well after coach said we were being lazy).

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