I LOOK for podcast that not only inspire me, but also are inspirational, interesting and very entertaining.

Some of the podcasts will be X’s and O’s others might talk about the psychological part of the game….

I like to listen to podcasts while I’m in the car, mowing the lawn or walking my dogs around he neighborhood. They’re perfect to fit into your day at any point when you are doing a task that doesn’t require your full attention….which during the Covid process is most of the time!

These are in no specific order…..
1. Elevated. This is a new podcast but is by Drew Maddux and Virgil Herring and they discuss the extreme importance of mindset as it relates to sports, business and everything in between. They have a great book by the same name GET IT HERE

2. Basketball Coach Unplugged. This is a shameless plug for my own podcast, but I am really proud of it and it comes out 5 days a week. It is a mixture of Coaching tips, interviews, Drills, X’s and O’s and everything in between. This Podcast will discuss basketball coaching with Coach Steve Collins. Coach Collins will do this with interviews and on topic discussions. (Discussion will revolve around basketball topics such as: Offense, Defense, Motivation, Team Building, Youth Basketball, High School Basketball, college basketball and much more…) We will publish weekly shows at 6:00 am….. Please check out our site if you like our podcast.

3. The Hardwood Hustle
Co-hosts Adam Bradley and TJ Rosene go beyond Xs and Os to discuss the complex topics of managing teams and programs as well as personal and professional development The Hardwood Hustle is a platform designed to educate, empower and encourage coaches, players and parents. Your hosts Adam Bradley (Lead ‘Em Up) and TJ Rosene (College Basketball Coach) share their genuine & fresh perspective on topics centered around the Hardwood & the Hustle. Joined by some of the biggest names in basketball, the Hardwood Hustle continues to inspire the basketball community and all our #Hustlers who regularly listen. #LoveTheHustle

4. Coaching U Podcast
This podcast is an extension of the Coaching U education and training program. Coach Brendan Suhr moves the lessons off of the court and into your earbuds with interviews of coaches on their career journeys, coaching philosophies and challenges they have overcome. Weekly podcast featuring the best coaches in the world hosted by 2-Time NBA World Champion, Brendan Suhr.Each episode Coach Suhr and his guests give you insight into some of the best and newest trends, techniques, philosophies and lessons from not only the game of basketball; but also in leadership, culture, professional development and life.

5. High School Hoops: A Discussion all about being and coaching Basketball at the High School Level Scrimmage, Preparation, Practice Planning, Parents, Getting your Players to Play Hard, and everything in betweenMUCH MORE….

6. Conversations With Coach George Raveling
Coach Raveling is considered by most as the godfather of college basketball coaching. On his podcast, Coach Raveling shares lessons for personal and professional growth through his conversations with other coaches. This is truly a hidden gem that I found several years ago…

7. Basketball Immersion Podcast This is the podcast where you will hear real basketball coaching conversations. Whether you are a new or experienced coach at any level of basketball these coaching conversations will give you practical ideas to stimulate your coaching and make what you do even better.

8. 1 Question Leadership Podcast
The 1.Question Leadership Podcast is designed to highlight executive and organizational leadership with a heavy emphasis on college athletics. 1.Question is primarily hosted by @TaiMBrown, but features occasional guest hosts.

9. No Stupid Questions. Stephen Dubner and Angela Duckworth have spent years exploring the weird and wonderful ways in which humans behave — Dubner as the host of Freakonomics Radio, Duckworth as a research psychologist and author of Grit. They both like to ask a lot of questions, and have come to believe there’s really no such thing as a stupid one. With No Stupid Questions, they put this belief to the test, with conversations ranging from friendship and parenting to immortality and whether dogs are better than people. The resulting podcast is incisive, humane, and occasionally charming. New episodes each week. No Stupid Questions is a production of the Freakonomics Radio Network.

10. Positive University Podcast with Jon Gordon. Positive inspiration and encouragement to help you overcome your challenges and make a greater impact! Hosted by bestselling author, Jon Gordon

Books by Jon Gordon. The Garden. Energy Bus Staying Positive


Coaching Culture The podcast for leaders in athletics. Sharing practical ideas on how to build character and leadership with a like-minded community.

Teacher Side Gig Do you have a side gig? I have colleagues who drive for Lyft/Uber, work in the service industry, clean houses and businesses, run online businesses, drive trucks, and work in all sorts of other industries during the Summer AND school year. Some have even left teaching because their other job pays more and provides better benefits.

Greatest Game Podcast
. Thank you for stopping by to check out The Greatest Games Podcast. Our intention is to create a light and fun environment where we can just talk hoops, and hopefully offer some wisdom to young coaches and seasoned coaches alike about some of the lessons we have learned along the way. We really appreciate you coming by.


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