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Today's basketball coaches are dedicated, year round workers who face fierce competition to keep their jobs. Excellent instruction is out there, but finding it is inconvenient, unorganized, and can be hit or miss. We decided to create a membership that we would want, as both a consumer, and coach. It will allow you to become a better coach, on, and off the court. Never has there been such a content boom, and with this, a thirst for knowledge. This membership will give you the why behind the how. A mix of theory with the practical.

Weekly Mini Lessons
Discussing topics every coach will need to run their teams.View lesson catalog here.
Monthly Office Hour
One-on-One discussions with Nationally renowned coach. Learn more here.
Coaching Community
Communicate with coaches facing the same challenges. Click to learn more.
Library of over 55 Videos
Learn at your own pace from Hall of Fame Coaches. View the entire library here!
Coaching Courses
Practice Plans, Leadership, etc... Click here to see our future courses.
A Personal Mentor and Much More!
Learn from a nationally renowned coach. View Coach Collins' full resume.
State Championship Appearances, With 3 State Titles
Collegiate Players ( 9 Professional Players)
Wins Over 19 Years, With an 80% Winning Rate


“Coach Collins taught me the game of basketball from a very young age. I can’t imagine a more qualified coach to teach you about the game of basketball.” WESLEY MATTHEWS Current Dallas Maverick

 Coach Collins' wealth of knowledge and experience can help you become a successful basketball coach at any level. This Membership site is great in how it is interactive and you provide choice to the members. The resources, mentoring, and learning is worth every penny you will spend. I can't recommend it enoughJake S Coach from Wisconsin

“Coach is a basketball freak, He eats, sleeps basketball..He is always on us to get better, I love that guy.” Vander Blue LA Lakers

"As a current and long time High School Basketball Coach, ex-College, ex-High School player, I always have the desire to be a better coach and mentor. Coach Collins has helped me redefine several areas of my coaching approach and philosophies by helping with my understanding of roles, off season workouts, and suggestions with schedules changes and priorities as they happen throughout the year. Encouraging me from a distance, helping me through all mediums of e-commerce, like emails, videos, diagrams, spreadsheets and links. His passion for basketball and for wanting to help other coaches of all levels is a gift that I am blessed to experience. Thank you for sharing." Dean M. Felicetti Rhode Island

“Coach Collins has sustained a winning culture for several decades by bringing players and coaches together each season and allowing everyone to engage in the process. He will teach you this great game like no one else” Current European Player Keaton Nankivil

"Coach Collins does an exceptional job of going above and beyond the generic coaching courses required by most state athletic associations to coach.  Coach Collins gives you an inside look into what it takes to become a successful Basketball coach at any level. His teaching approach is straight forward and allows each student to learn at their own pace. This method allows coaches with varying levels of experience to actively participate by either sharing their own knowledge with the class or just absorb information presented. Coach Collins' wealth of knowledge and experience can help you become a successful basketball coach at any level.Phil Karker from New York"

I recently signed up for  I am a relatively new coach and wanted to increase my knowledge and connect with other coaches.  This course exceeded my expectations!!  Coach Collins provides instructional videos and an amazing amount of resources that I know I will come back to many times.  Coach Collins also provides valuable office hours where you get to connect with him and other coaches and draw from their coaching experiences.  If you are looking to take your coaching game to the next level, this is the course for you!!"Harmony Pyper

Three Affordable Plans

Just as a good coach knows that not all players learn the same way, we understand that there is not just one path for coach's education. As such, we have three, flexible, and affordable plans for you to choose from. This allows you to study as much, or as little as you need, at your own pace.

6 Months
10% off!
12 Months
Best Deal!
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