Basketball Coaching Roadmap

The Basketball Coaching Roadmap is the one stop shop for all things coaching at any level of basketball. It doesn’t matter if you’re leading a first year youth team, or if you’re bringing back a seasoned crew of talent. The roadmap will guide you throughout the process from preseason to postseason!

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Basketball Coaching Roadmap

Envision, Enact, Evaluate, and Enhance. Those are the four E’s of the basketball coaching roadmap. These are more than just words, too. Each one is an important action we need to undertake as basketball coaches.

basketball coaching roadmap

Envision – Pre-Season 

The aim of this stage is to have a clear plan for the pre-season. From developing your standards and philosophy to handling administrative duties, you can move forward into the season and beyond.

  • Development of Handbook and Standards / Terms
  • Administrative Duties
  • Define Purpose and Core Values
  • Connect Values to Philosophy
  • Set Target Outcomes
  • Build Team Cohesion

Enact – In-Season

The aim of this stage is to put your pre-season and off-season plan into action and create a winning program. Also, you must be willing to monitor and adjust with every changing situation.

  • Develop Basketball Players
  • Optimize Learning
  • Practice Planning
  • Scouting and Pre-Game Readiness
  • Game Day Prep

Evaluate – End-of-Season

The aim of this stage is to wrap-up the season and have closure with the existing team. Collect and review results for all parties.

  • Post Season Evaluation (Players/Parents/Coaches/Program)
  • Recognize and Build on Strengths
  • Banquet and Season Ending Celebration
  • Next Season Scout
  • Deep Dive Pivots or Changes

Enhance- Off-Season

The aim of the off-season stage is for you and your program to grow. In addition, you should standardize what works and change what is not working.

  • Work on Performance Gaps and Evaluation Data
  • Collaborate and Learn
  • Try New Ideas
  • Recharge and Build Relationships
  • Summer Camp and Budget

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