No basketball coach’s playbook is ever complete without a go-to baseline out of bounds play. Sometimes referred to as a BLOB, the baseline out of bounds play serves as a scoring opportunity for most teams. These plays are often quick-hitters with multiple options for the passer.

Coaches can be as creative as they want to be when designing these plays, but they have to keep in mind the skill-level of their team. Another consideration is being able to shift directly into the team’s core offense. Finally, some coaches prefer to install baseline out of bounds sets that have multiple variations from which to attack the basket.

Every coach needs go-to out of bounds sets heading into a season. Here’s a look at three effective baseline out of bounds plays.

Baseline Out of Bounds Plays: Box

baseline out of bounds playsThe first set to consider of these baseline out of bounds plays is called box. This play remains most effective against man-to-man defenses. For this play, the inbound should be your best passer.

Your best shooter should set up on the low block away from the passer, while your best wing finisher takes the opposite high post spot. Your two bigs create the other side of the box, with Player 5 on the low block and Player 4 on the strong-side elbow.

The first action of this play sends the shooter up to the opposite elbow to set a back screen for Player 3. After cutting down toward the basket, Player 3 should clear to the corner if he doesn’t receive a pass.

While this action unfolds, Player 5 slides up the court to set either a double screen or an elevator screen with Player 4.

After setting the back screen for Player 3, the shooter, Player 2 in this graphic, uses the strong side screens. Depending upon the movement of the defense, Player 2 can wrap around the bigs as a double screen or pass between them as an elevator screen. Player 2 clears to the corner and could be open for a three-point attempt.

The final action of this baseline out of bounds play involves the two bigs cutting to the low blocks. Player 3 can cut high as an outlet if need be.

Baseline Out of Bounds Plays: High Double Stack

baseline out of bounds playsThe next option among these baseline out of bounds plays is called High Double Stack. This play is best used against a 2-3 zone that’s trying to protect the interior of the lane.

The setup for this play stacks Players 5 and 2 at the strong-side elbow, while Players 4 and 3 stack on the opposite elbow. The inbounder should be your best passer.

The first action of this play involves a series of cuts. Player 2 cuts across the free throw line to screen for Player 3. As Player 3 uses the screen and curls along the three-point line, Player 5 makes a dive cut to the hoop.

After setting a cross-screen, Player 2 squares up at the top of the key. Player 4 flares out to the opposite wing as a potential outlet. The cut for Player 3 sees him progress all the way to the strong-side corner.


Baseline Out of Bounds Plays: Side Box

baseline out of bounds playsThe last set from these baseline out of bounds plays is called Side Box. This play is most effective against a 2-3 zone defense. The setup for this play utilizes an offset box.

Player 5 and Player 4 set up  several steps outside the lane line, about halfway between the lane and the three-point arc. Player 2 and Player 3 set up their side of the box in the middle of the lane.

The design for this play is to get an open look at a three-point attempt. Player 2 should be your team’s best shooter. He will be the primary option for this set.

The action begins with Player 4 and Player 5 setting an elevator screen on the side of the zone. Player 2 progresses through the elevator screen and exits high on the wing. The inbounder should look to pass Player 2 the ball.

Player 3 should set a down screen on the zone to create space for Player 4 to relocate to the top of the key.

After making the pass to Player 2, the inbounder should enter toward the strong-side corner, looking to receive the ball back for a shot if open. Player 2 can take the three if open.

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