As a veteran basketball coach with over 30 years of experience, I’ve come to understand the importance of effective shooting drills in developing well-rounded, skilled players. In this post, I’ll share three valuable shooting drills that I’ve consistently used in my coaching clinics. These drills are designed to improve movement, accuracy, and offensive rebounding skills. Whether you’re a new or inexperienced coach, these valuable shooting drills will help you enhance your team’s performance on the court.

Valuable Shooting Drills #1: Shoot and Relocate

Objective: To improve shooting accuracy while teaching players the importance of movement and offensive rebounding.


  1. Setup: Players start with a ball and a partner (the passer). Position them around the three-point line.
  2. Execution:
    • The shooter takes a shot from a set position.
    • Immediately after the shot, the shooter relocates to a different spot on the floor.
    • If the shot is missed, the shooter retrieves the rebound and shoots again.
    • If the shot is made, the passer rebounds and passes back to the shooter at the new location.
  3. Rebounding: Emphasize the importance of rebounding every shot, whether it’s made or missed. This teaches players to read the ball and react quickly.

Tips for Coaches:

  • Encourage constant movement. Players should not stand still after taking a shot.
  • Correct shooting form and ensure the ball is not brought below chest level to prevent steals from shorter defenders.
  • Run this drill for 35-40 seconds per player before switching roles.

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Valuable Shooting Drills #2: Screen and Curl Shooting

Objective: To develop shooting skills off the dribble and from screens, simulating game-like situations.


  1. Setup: Place a cone to act as a screen. Position a passer near the top of the key and the shooter near the wing.
  2. Execution:
    • The shooter starts by moving off the cone (screen) and curling towards the basket.
    • The passer delivers the ball to the shooter, who then takes a jump shot.
    • If the shot is missed, the shooter rebounds and takes a follow-up shot.
  3. Variation: Alternate between shooting off the curl, dribbling to the paint, and baseline shots to keep the drill dynamic.

Tips for Coaches:

  • Teach players the importance of reading the defense when coming off screens.
  • Discuss different theories on following shots – some players believe every shot will go in, while others should follow their shot to improve rebounding chances.
  • Encourage quick decision-making and fluid movements.

Valuable Shooting Drills #3: Conditioning and Shooting Combo

Objective: To combine conditioning with shooting practice, ensuring players can perform under fatigue.


  1. Setup: Position a rebounder under the basket and the shooter at the free-throw line.
  2. Execution:
    • The shooter runs from the free-throw line to the baseline and back.
    • Upon returning, the shooter receives a pass and takes a 15-foot jump shot.
    • Repeat this sequence, increasing the number of down-and-back runs each time (e.g., run once, shoot; run twice, shoot; run thrice, shoot).
    • Ensure the shooter rebounds their own shot if missed and quickly returns to the drill.

Tips for Coaches:

  • Focus on proper shooting form even when players are tired.
  • Use this drill to build endurance and simulate game-like conditions where players need to shoot accurately while fatigued.
  • Adjust the distance as well as number of runs based on the players’ fitness levels.


Incorporating these three shooting drills into your practice sessions will help your players improve their shooting accuracy, movement, and rebounding skills. And remember, consistency and repetition are key. Encourage your players to practice these drills regularly and watch their performance on the court soar. Also, for more coaching tips and resources, visit and join our community of coaches dedicated to excellence.

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