As a veteran basketball coach, I understand the importance of building a strong foundation for young athletes. Strength training is a crucial element in enhancing performance on the court. In this post, I will guide you through a home basketball strength training program that can be performed without any equipment. This program is designed to help young athletes improve their strength, agility, and overall athletic abilities.

Why Home Basketball Strength Training is Essential

Home basketball strength training is essential because it builds the foundation for all athletic abilities. Strength training not only enhances muscle power but also helps in injury prevention. For young athletes, having a strong core, legs, and upper body is vital for improving their performance on the court.

The Basics of Home Basketball Strength Training

  1. Squat Complex: Begin with an ISO squat. Stand on a towel in a power position, hold for six seconds, then perform six body weight squats followed by six vertical jumps. For progression, increase the repetitions or try single-leg variations. To regress, reduce the repetitions.
  2. ISO Hold Romanian Deadlift: This exercise focuses on the hip hinge position, not a squat. Straighten your back and knees, pushing the ground away while squeezing your armpits. This exercise targets the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.
  3. Split Squat Complex: Start with an ISO split squat hold, then move into split squats and finally, split squat jumps. Increase repetitions for progression or reduce them for regression.

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Advanced Home Basketball Strength Training Techniques

  • Pulling Progressions: Use a towel around a sturdy object like a basketball hoop. If you can’t pull yourself up, perform a jump and hold yourself, then slowly lower down. A simple regression is to start from a chair, jump up, and slowly lower.
  • Push-Up Progressions: Begin with elevator push-ups. Lower down slowly (3 to 10 seconds) and push back up. Adjust the angle of your arms to target different muscles. For a challenge, try plyometric push-ups on various levels such as the arm of a couch or the back of a couch.

Tips for Effective Home Basketball Strength Training

To maximize the benefits of your home basketball strength training, ensure you perform the exercises every other day. This allows for adequate recovery. If you need more intensity, add more sets or repetitions. However, always listen to your body and avoid overtraining.


Home basketball strength training is a vital part of any young athlete’s training regimen. By following this comprehensive program, young athletes can build the strength needed to excel on the court. Remember, consistency and proper technique are key. Train hard, and don’t forget to take rest days for recovery.

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