As a veteran basketball coach, I’ve seen countless players struggle with their shooting mechanics. The journey to perfecting your shot can be challenging, but with the right techniques and drills, you can develop a consistent and reliable shooting form. One effective method that I’ve found incredibly beneficial is incorporating “squeezer shots” into your training regimen. In this post, we’ll explore the importance of this technique and how it can transform your players’ basketball shot mechanics. The best shooters in basketball are often described as having a “great feel” for the ball. This elusive quality is something every coach strives to instill in their players.

Understanding Squeezer Shots and Developing a “Great Feel”

Before we dive into the details, let’s break down what squeezer shots are. This drill focuses on overemphasizing the act of squeezing the ball to develop a better touch and feel for it. By incorporating this into your training, you help players build a strong sensory connection with the ball, crucial for effective shooting. The best shooters in basketball are often lauded for their “great feel,” and this technique can help foster that quality in your players. Here’s how to implement squeezer shots into your practice sessions.

5 Tips and Details for Incorporating Squeezer Shots into Basketball Shot Mechanics

1. Emphasize the Squeeze

Tip: Instruct your players to squeeze the ball as hard as they can before taking a shot. This overemphasis helps them develop a strong sensory feel for the ball.

Detail: When the player squeezes the ball, it sends signals to the brain, enhancing their touch and control. This is a critical step in the progression of their shot mechanics. Having a “great feel” for the ball means being intimately connected with its weight, texture, and movement.

2. Perfect Shots Focus

Tip: Start your training sessions with a focus on achieving perfect shots. This means hitting nothing but the net.

Detail: Encourage your players to get a feel for the ball and the rim. Perfect shots should ideally not touch the rim, emphasizing precision and control. The more they practice, the better their “feel” for the ball will become.

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3. Daily Squeezing Routine

Tip: Make squeezing the ball a daily routine for your players, not just during shooting drills but also as they walk around.

Detail: This constant engagement with the ball helps players develop a natural feel for it, making it an extension of their hand. It becomes second nature, which is essential for consistent shooting. Consistency in feeling the ball’s texture and weight is key to developing a “great feel.”

4. Brain Sensory Training

Tip: Use squeezer shots to train the brain’s sensory response to the ball.

Detail: By squeezing the ball before shooting, players train their brains to anticipate the shot, improving their focus and consistency. It’s about building muscle memory and a strong neural connection. A shooter with a “great feel” has a brain finely tuned to the ball’s every move.

5. Integration with Drill Work

Tip: Incorporate squeezer shots into regular drill work and practice routines.

Detail: Whether it’s a shooting drill or a scrimmage, remind players to squeeze the ball before shooting. This reinforces the technique and ensures it becomes a fundamental part of their shooting mechanics. Drills that emphasize the “great feel” for the ball will naturally improve basketball shot mechanics.


Mastering basketball shot mechanics requires dedication, repetition, and the right techniques. Squeezer shots offer a unique approach to developing a strong sensory connection with the ball, enhancing touch, control, and overall shooting accuracy. As coaches, it’s our job to equip our players with the best tools and practices. By incorporating squeezer shots into your training sessions, you can help your players improve their shooting mechanics and become more confident shooters on the court.

Remember, consistency is key. Make these drills a regular part of your practice routine, and watch your players’ shots transform over time. For more tips and comprehensive coaching resources, be sure to subscribe and visit our site. Together, we can help every player reach their full potential.

By integrating these insights into your coaching strategy, you’re not only refining your players’ skills but also paving the way for their success. Happy coaching!

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