In the competitive world of basketball, honing your shooting skills can make all the difference. As a veteran basketball coach with over 30 years of experience, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of structured practice. Today, I want to introduce you to a highly effective timed shooting workout that I’ve used to develop precision and consistency in my players: the Magic 20 Shooting Drill.

The Magic 20 Timed Shooting Workout Sequence

The Magic 20 Shooting Drill is a comprehensive workout designed to improve various types of shots within a timed framework. Here’s a breakdown of the sequence:

  1. Layups: Two left-handed layups and two right-handed layups.
  2. Mikan Shots: Two right-handed Mikan shots and two left-handed Mikan shots.
  3. Reverse Mikan Shots: Two reverse left-handed Mikan shots and two reverse right-handed Mikan shots.
  4. Bank Shots: Two right-handed bank shots and two left-handed bank shots.
  5. Elbow Shots: Two right-handed elbow shots and two left-handed elbow shots.

The goal is to complete all 20 shots as quickly as possible, making each one before moving on to the next. By timing this drill, players can track their progress and push themselves to improve.

Importance of Proper Shooting Form

Executing each shot with proper form is crucial for success in the Magic 20 Shooting Drill. Proper shooting form ensures that players develop consistent mechanics, which translates to better performance during games. Here are a few key points to remember:

  • Balance: Maintain a strong base with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Hand Position: Place your shooting hand under the ball and your guide hand on the side.
  • Follow Through: Extend your arm fully and flick your wrist for a proper follow-through.
  • Focus: Keep your eyes on the target, whether it’s the rim or a specific spot on the backboard.

Emphasizing proper form during each shot helps in building muscle memory and reduces the likelihood of developing bad habits.

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Timing, Tracking, and Additional Practice

Timing yourself during the Magic 20 Shooting Drill is essential for measuring improvement. Here’s how to get the most out of this timed shooting workout:

  1. Record Your Time: Use a stopwatch to track how long it takes to complete all 20 shots.
  2. Track Progress: Maintain a notebook or a digital log to record your times and identify trends over time.
  3. Repeat and Improve: Aim to complete the drill multiple times in a session, striving to beat your previous best time.
  4. Free Throw Practice: After completing the Magic 20, shoot five free throws to simulate game-like pressure and improve your accuracy.

By regularly tracking and aiming to improve your times, players can stay motivated and see tangible progress in their shooting abilities.


The Magic 20 Shooting Drill is an excellent timed shooting workout for basketball players looking to enhance their shooting skills. By focusing on proper form and consistently tracking progress, players can develop the precision and consistency needed to excel on the court. Incorporate this drill into your regular practice routine, and watch as your shooting performance reaches new heights.

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