High School Shot Clock

My Open Letter to the WIAA and Board of Control.

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There has been much change in High School basketball over the last 30 years and I am old enough to know that change is inevitable and can be good for the game of basketball. The three point line was put into the game to spread the floor, give more scoring opportunities and make it a less physical game. Another example is when Wisconsin basketball changed from quarters to halves to expand opportunities for players at all competition levels. These changes make sense and have been good for the game.

Currently, there is a movement for our state to implement a shot clock at the high school level. I am not sure what the reasoning behind this movement. Here are my concerns:

1. Why are we changing? Do we want the high school game to be more like the college game (in which only 1% of our athletes will participate in) or the NBA game?
2. Is the delay game that evident at the high school level? If so, what is wrong with a team playing at a much slower pace?
3. What is this change doing for the game of basketball?
4. I think high school basketball is a unique sport in which athletes can play different styles and systems. Because of shot clock at the collegiate level, you do not see multiple systems being played. Is the goal for all the games to be the same?
5. Who is going to pay for this state mandated expense, not only for the implementation of the clock, but the hiring of a qualified person to run it at all the games?
6. What is the rush and why haven’t more states added this to their game?
7. How accurate are the surveys that have been sent by the WBCA? As a statistics teacher, I believe an unbiased survey is simple, short and with non-leading and biased questions. Is the WIAA and WBCA now in the habit of getting student input?
8. Is this best for the game at all levels? Will players be able to create and score when the shot clock is winding down?
9. Why and How are we going to implement this for the LOWER LEVELS?
10. How do the officials feel about this at the high school level?

I have heard very few solid arguments for the reason behind implementing a shot clock. People have said that than it is exciting, players want it and it will stop the “boring” games. Is this a reason for change?

I would ask that the Board of Control table the motion and further investigate the “need” for a shot clock

Thank you

Steve Collins

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