Are you on the hunt for exceptional leadership strategies for your basketball team? Your search ends here! Step onto the court of knowledge with Coach Collins and Coach Berge as they unveil the ultimate guide to cultivating standout leaders in your basketball community.

The Basketball Leadership Podcast

Welcome the Basketball Leadership podcast! Why do we need to discuss basketball leadership? Because Player-Led Teams Win!

But how do we create and develop player-led teams? This should be one of the ultimate goals of all coaches. Leadership is critical to team success.

Follow us in this podcast journey as we talk about Coaching Basketball, Leadership Development, Culture and Teams.

Steve Collins is the varsity Boys Basketball Coach at Madison Memorial High School in Madison Wisconsin. He is in his 25th year as a varsity coach. has a coaching record of 461-113. His teams have won 14 conference championships, earned four state runner-up finishes and sport three State championships in 10 State appearances!

Greg Berge is the Varsity Boys Basketball Coach and High School Principal in Lake City, MN. He is in his 29th year of education and 18th year as a varsity coach. Greg has a career coaching record of 334-117. His teams have won 11 conference championships (9 straight), two section championships, and one 3rd place state finish. He writes daily online with actionable ideas about Coaching, Leadership, Culture, and Teams. He also writes a free weekly newsletter, has published four books, and has released the Team Leader OS: The Ultimate Leadership Resource for Coaches (a course and many resources to develop your team leaders).

What Awaits You:

Basketball LeadershipExplore a treasure trove of practical tips and transformative techniques that are tailor-made for easy implementation. Unlock the secrets to turning your team into trailblazers, setting the standard in your league. Embrace the true essence of visionary leadership, translating into not just wins on the court, but a legacy of inspiration.

This podcast isn’t just for coaches or players – it’s a must-listen for anyone who loves basketball. Tune in to level up your leadership game, because champions aren’t simply born, they’re shaped through mentorship, strategic insights, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Mark on your calendar for the highlight of your Thursdays, brought to you by Coach Collins and Coach Berge. Get ready to soar high above the competition!

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