Top Basketball Socks

If you’re anything like most players; you’re a freak about your feet. Shoes and socks have to be perfect; we covered shoes recently, so next is socks. I’ve gone through many different types of socks for different reasons (running marathons requires the right sock and more to fight off blisters). Basketball is the same way!

We will not cover all the types of socks, but I will try to pick a few to focus on from the different sizes.

NBA Logoman: Most reviews show this sock as extremely comfortable and easy to wear. (Ever tried to put on a sock that sticks to your feet or bunches up? Logoman doesn’t do that!) The best part is how thick the sock is and how that saves your feet from those blisters we all get especially in workouts/practices early in the season.

Jordan Low Quarter:  Durable, athletic, wicking, protection for your feet from blisters. Extremely efficient low sock that people seem to love for the reasons above. One drawback: rather expensive as most Jordan brand appears to be.

Crew Socks:
Asics Resolution Crew Sock: There seems to be a little bit of blowback on feedback of this sock because people bought sizes that were too small. Know this but do not be turned off to this sock! Buy bigger and enjoy one of the more underrated socks on the basketball market. Asics is primarily a running product and the socks are tighter as such. Basketball players initially aren’t used to how tight these socks can be, so again, BUY BIGGER! Despite this, Asics knows plenty about wicking, blisters, and toe protection. I’ve used these to run and also just grabbed and used them as basketball socks and were pleasantly surprised at the different forces and how they’re able to handle. Don’t be afraid to experiment with Asics and basketball!

Nike Elite Crew Dri-Fit Basketball Sock Review: One of the most popular sport socks on the market and for good reason. Handles sweat easily, thick and durable, good fit. Nike is built off basketball so their products normally are able to handle more than other brands. These socks are no different and seem to be one of Nike’s most trusted and popular brands.

Over the Calf:
Thorlo B-15s: Over the calf socks aren’t dead; they’re probably going to make a major comeback soon, as a matter of fact. (I don’t actually know or anticipate this) A lot of us wore socks like this in the late 90s/early 2000s because they looked cool. The Thorlo doesn’t really look cool at all, but it is extremely solid basketball sock. You will not find a thicker sock than these, so if sweat wicking is your major concern then probably not for you. That being said, if blisters are a concern and don’t mind hiking a bland sock over your calf; then these are for you!

UA Over-The-Calf-Team Sock: Little more flashy than the Thorlo’s and not nearly as thick. These socks are flashy (bright colors) and more wicking protection as well. The socks help evaporation more quickly than other socks. Arch support to help your feet and UA has a special block that protects your feet from those nasty basketball odors. Another great sock to check out.

I know I didn’t cover 10 socks, but several options at each length should be plenty to find a great sock or dig a tad deeper into another sock. Nike, Jordan, UA and Adidas are the most well known brands but don’t forget about Asics and even Thorlo depending on the length of sock you prefer.


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