Summer is winding down and back to school shopping has commenced. That can only mean one thing: We are getting closer to the start of basketball season! With the hurry to prep for the new school year, it’s easy to forget this point remains pivotal for most programs. So having a back to school checklist for basketball coaches comes in handy.

Girls basketball practice in Indiana starts in the middle of October. So when school starts, that means we are about 9 weeks from the start of practice. There are certain things that need to be completed at the beginning of the school year, and those things need to start happening when the school year begins. Here are 5 things a basketball coach needs on their checklist to kickstart a successful basketball season.

Back to School Basketball Checklist: Set Up Fall Workouts

In Indiana during the fall sports season, we are allowed two days a week, up to two hours per day, to work with basketballs on the court. We are allowed any number of days for strength and conditioning.

It is important to communicate with those girls who are going to be participating in the fall workouts, your coaching staff, and any other personnel to decide on the best days that will be the most successful for your program. While these are opportunities, it is important to not over-schedule yourself. Don’t over-schedule your athletes either! You want to make sure you are fresh for when the season begins.

Back to School Basketball Checklist: Meeting With Parent Leader

We all know the importance of parents in our programs. They are our number one fans and want what is best for our athletes. We always schedule a fall meeting with our parent leader(s). Here we discuss pre-game meals, surprises for our team during the season, and any other important matters that may come up.

This is a fairly quick meeting, but a lot of important information is discussed and shared to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Back to School Basketball Checklist: Gear Selection

It is important to make sure all of your gear is ready to be ordered in a timely manner so that it is there for game one. We make sure our gear rep has great shoe selections, travel sweatsuits, t-shirts, polos, etc.

It is important to have the deadline from your rep to make sure everything is in your possession for the first game.

Back to School Basketball Checklist: Fall Athlete Schedule

We all have winter athletes who play a fall sport. It is important to let them know you care about them even when they are not playing basketball.

Find a system that works for you to have all those fall schedules laid out and try to make a game of all your fall athletes. Hit up a soccer game, volleyball match, football game, etc. to show those athletes you care about them more than just as basketball players.

Back to School Basketball Checklist: Make it Fun

At the end of the day, we are all getting a chance to coach the great game of basketball and be around some great young people. Enjoy your time doing this, as not many get this great opportunity. Do everything with a smile on your face and be passionate about what you are doing!

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