Cut Throat Drill/Defense and Competition
You will need more than one for this drill, shows a great example here of a nice drill with just four. He also explains that you can do this drill up to 5 on 5, so set it up how you’d like! 2 points for offensive rebounds, 3 points for taking a charge, 1 point for making a shot, 1 point for running the offense, and maybe my favorite (arguing or fouling a point goes to the other team), turnovers and the other team gets 2 points!
The rules alone put a great emphasis and focus on the drill. Defensive rebounds kill teams (watch the NBA Playoffs or any game ever), they extend possessions, give you more chances to score, draw fouls, limit the other team’s possessions and so on. Offensive rebounds are HUGE to get and backbreakers to give up. Coaches always want their teams to play great position and help defense, taking charges is an emphasis here. It creates a turnover and draws a foul elsewhere. Notice you only get one point for making a shot, the same amount you get for running the offense. Again, it shows where the emphasis is, take care of the basketball, rebound misses, and then score!
The drill is called “Cut Throat” because if the whistle doesn’t blow, you keep playing. How often do you think fouls are called? Coach runs the drill based on emphasis and in different situations: offense, quick hitters, out of bounds, zone offense. Think of the possibilities in your own practices! You could even stretch the drill to fast break, secondary break, and so on. The whole key to the drill is to create competition, focus on defense, take care of the basketball, and call it the way you’ve been or anticipate being officiated.
You can also do this drill with a small group of your friends, as a kid. This helps play through fouls, create competition, and more importantly.. Learn there’s more to basketball than scoring! Coaches year after year, play kids that can’t score because they crash the glass and defend. If you’re watching the finals, take a look at Tristan Thompson for the Cavs.. Andrew Bogut and even Draymond Green for the Warriors; these guys would excel at this drill.. And guess what: They all make 10+ million and don’t really score a whole lot!

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