The Read and React is a great basketball offense. The only issue I have come across in our time running it is it can be difficult to get points quickly out of it. I did some research and playing with the Read and React and utilized the principles of this basketball offense to create some set plays out of it, including one with a UCLA cut.

These should offer good opportunities to score quickly out of the look while the opposing team thinks you’re still just running your offense. Even if you don’t run Read and React, these looks could still be utilized as great set play options to get good movement and looks at the basket.

Read and React Basketball: UCLA Cut

Another look that has action happening on both sides of the court to keep everyone busy and involved. This read and react set incorporates some basketball staples like pick and roll action and a few UCLA screens.

read and react basketball UCLA

This set beings in a 4-out, 1-in alignment. Player 1 passed to the corner, then makes a UCLA cut off a back screen from Player 4. 1 should cut with his hand up, looking for a pass from 2. While this action takes place, Player 5 sets a pin screen for Player 3. If 1 isn’t open on the UCLA cut, 2 can look to skip the ball to 3 for an open look.

This read and react set continues when 4 sets a ball screen for 2. 4 fades to the corner while 2 attacks the lane. While the strong side pick and roll happens, 1 sets a back screen for 5. 

read and react basketball UCLAPlayer 2 should be a solid ball handler and decision maker, considering he’s the focal point of this set. As he attacks the lane, 2 should read the defense and react accordingly.

Player 2’s options include driving to the rim for a layup attempt or hitting 5 on the left block. Player 4’s on the wing and Player 3 should cut to the opposite corner. 1 clears to be an outlet if the defense covers each option.

This play is easily reversible for a right-handed drive.


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