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If you’re anything like me, you’ve logged into YouTube before to search for drills for your team or an individual player. I happen to also search drills for my oldest son (even though he’s only 4). There are a ton of videos out there, how do you know which ones to use or who to follow? Don’t get caught in the flashy videos, the ones that look really cool and allow you to do outstanding things with the basketball, but don’t get you anywhere during the game. Or maybe you can get somewhere.. But you take two extra steps or carry the ball to do it.

One of my favorite drills comes from Coach Collins, and I love it for a variety of reasons. It’s “Balloon Dribbling”. I’m a fan of a tennis ball dribbling set, and we have used them in our program before. Balloon dribbling takes that to another level. It allows a higher number of reps between each “toss”. With a tennis ball, you toss it up and it comes down quickly, potentially eliminating some reps from your sets. The balloon hangs in the air longer and allows you more potential reps. In addition, when hitting the balloon you might knock it to one side or another; this forces you to relocate and square your body or “play” on the move. These are all important factors of ball-handling and the game overall.

The video also lists multiple variations to the drill (balloon size, using a fan to blow the balloon, as well as different dribbles). These variations all add to the drill as well. They put the focus on the balloon to build confidence in that dribble. I think tennis balls are a great drill, but I think balloons are a great starter drill to the tennis ball drills. I believe it’s also a scientific fact that kids LOVE balloons so this set is a great idea to build confidence, to increase ball-handling skill, and to set your players up for more complex skills down the road.

You can see more of Coach Collins’ YouTube videos by click here

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