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I didn’t make this list into a top 10 per se, because I’ve used all these sites multiple times. At the same time, I do have favorites on the list depending on what I’m looking for. Most of the time I search, it’s for drills. Occasionally, I’ll search for an area we’ve struggled (a certain zone press, sets off of a certain man-to-man defense). These sites reflect that perspective. I have to start with my site.  I started in 5 years ago to give back to coaches who were looking to win more game, in less time with a fun mentor.  It is a full mentoring site that is valuable resource for coaches at any level. Weekly newsletter, mini-lessons. full length coaching videos, online community, office hours and much more…14 day free trial.  Check it out today you will not be disappointed

FIBA Coaching Online: Excellent website with drills and plenty of “international” views of the game. Contains videos to drills and plays. We’ve used several of the defensive drills in our practices. I’m a huge fan of the basketball exercises page as well as their “Basketball for Younger Players” free downloadable book.

Coaches Clipboard: Website feels a little clunky, but the information available is almost overwhelming. I’ve used this a ton for different types of drills to give some variety to our workouts. We have our base drills, and we work on other drills as needed based on our team that year. This site is a great resource to find drills that you hadn’t thought of or ways to adapt drills you regularly use.

FunctionalBasketball: This is a site with some pay material, but I’ve used it for the blog posts and maybe the most underrated portion “quotes”. We start every practice with a quote or a Bible verse (I coach at a Lutheran school). That quote is our focus for the day and in part a larger focus for the week or part of the season we’re at. The drills are great, but the quotes are my favorite part of the site.

HoopThoughts: I don’t know if I have ever used this site for drills; I’ve used it a ton for concepts and knowledge, however. The blog is run by A+M coach, Bob Starkey. Starkey blogs about concepts, motivation, and other odds and ends. Truly a great read for coaches and parents alike. Share this blog with your parents to start a season. I encourage you to check out the topics “culture” “leadership” “motivation” and “team building” some of my favorite blogs some from these sections.

Hoopscoop: I linked this to the basketball plays section because it’s my favorite portion of the site (last updated with March Madness plays). There are a lot of great one hitters in here that can be built into your offensive schemes. The site includes stories, drills (hasn’t been updated since 2014) and updated clinic notes. A full mentoring site that is valuable resource for coaches at any level. Yes I mentioned this earlier in the list but it is the ONE stop shop for every basketball coach

YouTube: Looking for something quick and don’t have time to search or want more than just a diagram? Check YouTube for tons of videos to individual instruction or offensive/defensive concepts with a video. We’ve used YouTube after games or practices to quickly see what we can find; it’s kind of like Wikipedia to me. Find a base of knowledge then explore it further using other websites. Be aware, however, of the flash individual instructional videos with all the and-1 moves that don’t do anything for you on the court. Steer clear!

If looking for Basketball “stuff” make sure to check out HoopsKing


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