Here is a great competitive half court offense drill that allows you to work on your offense while also emphasizing your defense. Teams play “live” 5-on-5 starting at half court. (If you have 12 players, you could have three groups and play 4-on-4).

Defensive team starts out by working to get a single stop. (A stop means gaining possession of the ball either by a steal, a defensive rebound, or by an offensive turnover.) After getting one stop, the defense then attempts to get two stops in a row, then three, then four and finally five straight stops.

If the offense scores then they get to play defense. The two teams alternate back and forth until one team gets five stops in a row.

The drill can also be done backwards with each team staying on defense until they get five straight stops. When both teams have stopped five straight then they compete to get four straight stops, then three, then two, then one

“Stops” A Half Court Offense Drill that Emphasizes Defense

Half court man defense versus halfcourt man offense. 5-on-5 with both the offense and defense playing “live.” This drill is done halfcourt only. Be sure to discuss with your defense your specific approach to switching screens.

The defense must get five stops in a row. A stop means getting possession of the ball or off of a turnover by the offense. The defense is allowed only one foul. If a second foul is committed, the five stops count resets to zero.

After five stops, the defense gets to switch to offense. The drill then begins again, but the switch counter goes from five to four. Each time the drill resets, the counter drops. This half court offense drill allows for an emphasis on half court defense.

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