Coaches Steve Collins and Bill Flitter have joined forces for a new basketball podcast: Coaching Youth Hoops! This latest venture joins Coach Collins’ portfolio of popular podcasts on coaching basketball, both youth hoops and high school. These coaches bring a wealth of knowledge from their experiences in the game of basketball, developing talented players across the spectrum of talent levels.

If you’re new to coaching youth hoops, or perhaps an experienced coach looking to cut through the noise, this is the podcast for you! Coach Steve and Coach Bill will provide weekly episodes to simply your processes. They’ll help you avoid wasting time and money learning to coach basketball players from as young as kindergarten.

Goal of the Podcast

This podcast is designed to help volunteer coaches, or coaches getting a small stipend, that jump in and try to figure it out in their spare time. Join these seasoned youth basketball coaches as they give you the blueprint you need to succeed on and off the court. In each episode, you’ll discover easy-to-implement tips and techniques that you can apply to your next practice.

As Coach Flitter says in the first the first episode:

“I want to help one million kids learn the game of basketball. But how do you do that? By helping the coaches.”

The episodes for the show will drop on Tuesday mornings. They’re designed to educate coaches from rec leagues all the way to competitive youth leagues. It doesn’t matter if you have a team of third graders who can’t dribble, or a group of eighth graders being recruited. You’ll find something helpful here.

Check out the dedicated Facebook group right now. As the podcast grows, you’ll find downloadable resources and deep dives into the nitty-gritty of coaching youth basketball. Subscribe today!

Coaching Youth Hoops Podcast on YouTube:

More Coaching Youth Hoops Podcast Episodes:

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3rd Episode: The Skills Needed for K-2 Players

4th Episode: Thoughts on Running A Youth Basketball Camp

5th Episode: Basketball Skills for Grades 3-5

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