Basketball is a game of agility, strategy, and precision, all of which can be encapsulated in the art of making effective cuts on the court. As coaches, it’s our job to refine these skills in our players, and one innovative way to do so is through the Curl Cut Shooting Challenge presented by Bjor Browman. This challenge not only tests players’ shooting skills but also their ability to move smartly and swiftly without the ball.

The Art of Cutting in Basketball

Cutting is a fundamental skill in basketball that involves a player moving swiftly off the ball to gain a favorable position for receiving a pass or making a shot. The effectiveness of a cut can drastically change the dynamics of play, making it a critical skill to master. Here are some common types of cuts used in basketball:

  • Straight Cut: Moving directly towards the basket or away from it to create space.
  • Backdoor Cut: A surprise move where a player cuts behind a defender towards the basket.
  • V-Cut: A movement where the player starts towards the basket, then cuts back out to receive the ball.
  • L-Cut: Similar to the V-Cut, but with a sharper turn, resembling the letter ‘L’.
  • Curl Cut: This move is crucial in our discussion. The curl cut involves the player starting from one point (e.g., the corner), then moving in a curved path around a screen to catch the ball on the move towards the basket or out to the perimeter. This cut is highly effective for shaking off defenders and creating open shot opportunities.

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The Curl Cut Shooting Challenge: A Coach’s Tool

The Curl Cut Shooting Challenge, as introduced by Bjor Browman, is designed to improve players’ ability to execute curl cuts effectively. The challenge involves:

  1. Starting Position: The player begins in the corner of the basketball court.
  2. Movement: As a teammate drives towards the basket, the player curls out from the corner to the wing.
  3. Execution: Upon reaching the wing, the player receives a pass (the dish) and takes the shot.
  4. Duration: The challenge is set for two minutes, during which the player attempts to make as many shots as possible.
Coaching Points:
  • Footwork: Emphasize quick and precise footwork to maintain balance and speed during the curl.
  • Timing: Players should work on the timing of their cuts, making sure to start their move as their teammate begins the drive towards the basket.
  • Shooting on the Move: Practice catching and shooting in one fluid motion to minimize the time defenders have to react.

Conclusion: Embrace the Challenge

The Curl Cut Shooting Challenge is more than just a drill; it’s a competitive, fun, and effective method for improving essential basketball skills. By integrating this challenge into your practice sessions, you can help your players become more adept at not only shooting but also understanding the flow and rhythm of the game. Encourage your players to participate and track their progress on the leaderboard, fostering a healthy sense of competition and growth.

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