10 Ways to Evaluate a Basketball Game

10 WAYS to Evaluate a Basketball Game:

1. Turnover Margin: Looking at how much you are turning the ball over vs your opponent.
2. Rebound Margin: Similar to Turnover Margin
3. Field Goal Attempts: If everything is equal, the team that gets the most and the best shots will win. Newell’s Rule = “Get better shots than your opponent and get more of those better shots.”
4. Field Goal %: Two rules that your program could live by are; your best shooter should have the most shots (shooting isn’t equal opportunity) and your worst shooter should have your best FG% (only takes lay-ups, wide open shots).
5. Free Throw Attempts: The rule is to make more free throws than your opponent attempts and Free Throw %: Great teams make their free throws.
6. No player scores more than 10-15 points:
7. 3-Point Game: Refers to both on offense and on defense. On offense, it’s simple enough
– your team must make open 3’s. The players that are great 3-point shooters need to be the ones taking those shots. On defense, we always stress the concepts of “No 3’s to a 3” and the concept of a “Dead 3” A player that has at least 50% of his / her attempts from the three-point line. A Dead 3 gets no standing looks; he / she must dribble to a shot. Thus, how well did your team defend the 3-pointer? Also, how well did your team get your 3-point shooters open?
8. Floor Game: The floor game encompasses a wide range of possibilities, including getting loose balls, 50-50 balls taking charges, saving the ball from a turnover), etc. Your team could have a goal of taking a minimum of 2 charges, or getting 90% of all loose balls, etc.
9. Assist Game/Margin
10. The Big Mo….Is the game going in your direction