As a veteran basketball coach, I understand the importance of incorporating effective and engaging drills into practice sessions. These drills not only enhance the skills of individual players but also build team chemistry and conditioning. Today, I’m excited to share three great basketball drills that have consistently delivered results for my teams. Each of these drills is designed to target specific areas of the game, making them perfect for youth basketball practices. Let’s dive in!

Great Basketball Drills #1: War Rebounding Drill

The first of our great basketball drills is the War Rebounding Drill. This stands as a staple in my practice routine, emphasizing aggressiveness and conditioning in the paint.


  • Three players position themselves in the paint.
  • The coach stands at the free-throw line with a ball.


  1. The coach shoots the ball towards the basket.
  2. The three players compete to rebound and score.
  3. Players must score three points to rotate out.
  4. Shots must be taken within the paint; no fouls or out-of-bounds calls are enforced.
  5. Once a player scores three points, a new player rotates in from the baseline.


  • For added conditioning, reset the drill without allowing players to rotate out.
  • Adjust the scoring goal based on your team’s conditioning level.

This drill not only builds physical toughness but also instills a competitive spirit in your players, teaching them the importance of fighting for every rebound and scoring opportunity.

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Great Basketball Drills #2: 120 Layups in Four Minutes Drill

Layups are a fundamental skill, and this drill ensures your team can execute them under pressure and fatigue.


  • Divide your team into two groups.
  • Line up each group under opposite baskets with two basketballs per line.


  1. Set a timer for four minutes.
  2. Players must make 120 layups within the time limit.
  3. Players take turns sprinting full court and making a layup, passing the ball to the next player in line.
  4. Players must dribble down the court in five dribbles or less.

Key Points:

  • Focus on making uncontested layups efficiently.
  • Encourage players to push their pace without sacrificing control and accuracy.

This drill not only enhances layup skills but also improves overall conditioning and teamwork, as players rely on each other to achieve the common goal.

Great Basketball Drills #3: Maryland Layups Drill

The Maryland Layups Drill, formerly known as “Four Minutes in Hell,” is a continuous drill that combines conditioning with layup practice.


  • Form a line of players at the sideline and another line at the baseline.
  • One player starts under the basket with the ball.


  1. The player under the basket rebounds and passes to an outlet on the sideline.
  2. The outlet player passes up the sideline to a sprinting player who attempts a layup.
  3. After making the layup, the player immediately sprints down to the other end of the court.
  4. The initial passer follows their pass and moves to the sideline position.
  5. The next player in line rebounds the layup and throws a long pass to the sprinting player for another layup.
  6. This sequence continues in a continuous loop.

Focus Areas:

  • Ensure players follow their passes and maintain the drill’s continuous flow.
  • Emphasize the importance of accurate passes and controlled layups under fatigue.

This drill is excellent for conditioning and teaches players to maintain their focus and technique even when tired. It also improves court awareness and passing accuracy.


Incorporating these great basketball drills into your practice sessions can significantly enhance your team’s performance. The War Rebounding Drill builds toughness and competitiveness, 120 Layups in Four Minutes emphasizes efficiency and conditioning, and the Maryland Layups Drill enhances full-court transition skills and endurance. As you implement these drills, you’ll notice improved skills, better teamwork, and a more conditioned squad ready to take on any challenge.

Stay tuned for more tips and drills to keep your team at the top of their game. Happy coaching!

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