Welcome, basketball enthusiasts and coaches, to an exclusive breakdown of a game-changing basketball shooting drill presented by Coach Shane Hennon from Hennon Workouts. In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the “5-Shot Series Shooting Drill” – a dynamic drill designed to enhance shooting skills and elevate your game.

The 5-Shot Series Shooting Drill: Precision in Every Shot

Coach Shane kicks off the drill in the short corner, seamlessly transitioning to the deep corner, wing, catch and shoot three, and a challenging transition three. The grand finale involves drifting back to the corner, creating a comprehensive series that hones accuracy, agility, and shooting versatility.

Drill Instructions

  1. Short Corner to Deep Corner (Shot 1): Start in the short corner and swiftly move to the deep corner for the first shot. Focus on a quick release and maintain balance throughout the motion.
  2. Deep Corner to Wing (Shot 2): Progress to the wing after the first shot. Emphasize proper footwork and positioning, setting the stage for a fluid shot from the wing.
  3. Catch and Shoot Three (Shot 3): Return to the wing for a catch and shoot three. Develop the ability to execute precise shots under varying conditions, simulating in-game scenarios.
  4. Transition Three (Shot 4): Engage in a transition three, emphasizing speed and accuracy. This shot challenges players to seamlessly move from offense to defense while maintaining shooting precision.
  5. Drifting Back to Corner (Shot 5): Conclude the series by drifting back to the corner for the final shot. This requires adaptability and showcases a player’s ability to maintain accuracy even in challenging situations.

Repeat the 5-Shot Series Shooting Drill for three trips, aiming to make as many shots as possible out of the 15 attempts.

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Elevate the 5-Shot Series Shooting Drill Challenge

Why This Drill? The 5-Shot Series is strategically designed to enhance shooting skills from various positions on the court. It promotes quick decision-making, adaptability, and the ability to maintain accuracy under pressure – crucial aspects of a well-rounded player.

Variations to Increase Difficulty:

  • Time Constraints: Challenge players to complete the series within a specified time frame, simulating game scenarios with shot clocks.
  • Defensive Pressure: Introduce defensive players to add pressure during catch and shoot situations, enhancing players’ ability to shoot under defensive challenges.
  • Randomized Order: Mix up the order of shots in each trip, requiring players to stay mentally sharp and adapt to changing circumstances.


Incorporating the 5-Shot Series Shooting Drill into your training regimen can be a game-changer for both players and coaches. By focusing on precision, adaptability, and versatile shooting skills, this drill cultivates the essential qualities of a top-tier basketball player. Elevate your game, master the art of precision, and watch as your shooting proficiency reaches new heights. Don’t forget to subscribe to Coach Shane’s channel and stay tuned for more transformative drills on Hennon Workouts.

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