Last month’s article dealt with the installation of various Point Motion sets. What I want to focus on in this month’s article are some drills to help install and get your players shots out of these various looks. We all know that as coaches we want todevelop the needed muscle memory, footwork, and confidence from the spots on the court where the shots will come from.

Below I will describe 3 different shooting drills with diagrams attached to help get shots for players in the spots they will shoot from.

Point Motion Shooting Drills

Drill 1: Need 2 lines. 1 line in the left pinch area where the 5 will usually receive the ball and a line on the right wing. You also need a coach/manager in the right pinch area with a ball.

The line of players with a ball will pass their ball to the right wing and immediately set a ball screen. The player on the right wing will receive the ball and drive for a layup. The player that sets the screen will pop and receive a pass from the coach/manager for a shot.

Switch lines after each rep to work both actions.

shooting drills

Drill 2: Same setup as Drill 1. The ball line will dribble and do a handoff with the other line. The lin without the ball to start will take that handoff and drive for a layup.

After the handoff, the player that started with the ball and shape up for a shot attempt from a pass from the coach/manager.

Switch lines after each rep to work both actions.

shooting drills

Drill 3: This drill needs 2 lines, 1 on the right wing and 1 on the left wing. The line on the right wing will start with balls. They will drive down to the baseline, attacking the paint. The other line will move from the left wing to the left corner.

Once the player with the ball gets to the baseline area, they will hit their teammate in the opposite corner. The player willreceive the pass in the left corner and take a shot.

Switch lines after each rep to work both actions.

shooting drills

Kyle Brasher | Gibson Southern High School
Lady Titans Basketball Coach

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