Where can you find the best basketball coaching podcasts? I have always loved listening to podcast and especially podcasts that would help my basketball coaching. I look for podcast that not only inspire me, but also are inspirational, interesting and very entertaining.

Look no further! Every basketball coaching podcast you need is listed here! Some of the podcasts will be X’s and O’s others might talk about the psychological part of the game.

I like to listen to podcasts while I’m in the car, mowing the lawn or walking my dogs around he neighborhood. They’re perfect to fit into your day at any point when you are doing a task that doesn’t require your full attention….which during the Covid process is most of the time!

These are in no specific order…..

The Best Basketball Coaching Podcasts

1. Basketball Coach Unplugged.(Click Here)

This is a shameless plug for my own podcast, but I am really proud of it and it comes out 5 days a week. It is a mixture of Coaching tips, interviews, Drills, X’s and O’s and everything in between. This Podcast will discuss basketball C with Coach Steve Collins. Coach Collins will do this with interviews and on topic discussions. (Discussion will revolve around basketball topics such as: Offense, Defense, Motivation, Team Building, Youth Basketball, High School Basketball, college basketball and much more…) We will publish weekly shows at 6:00 am….. Please check out our site if you like our podcast. C

2.  THE BASKETBALL Leadership Podcast ( Click Here)

Are you on the hunt for exceptional leadership strategies for your basketball team? Your search ends here! Step onto the court of knowledge with Coach Collins and Coach Berge as they unveil the ultimate guide to cultivating standout leaders in your basketball community.

Explore a treasure trove of practical tips and transformative techniques that are tailor-made for easy implementation.

Unlock the secrets to turning your team into trailblazers, setting the standard in your league.

Embrace the true essence of visionary leadership, translating into not just wins on the court, but a legacy of inspiration.

This podcast isn’t just for coaches or players – it’s a must-listen for anyone who loves basketball.

Tune in to level up your leadership game, because champions aren’t simply born; they’re shaped through mentorship, strategic insights, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Make a mark on your calendar for the highlight of your Thursdays, brought to you by Coach Collins and Coach Berge. Get ready to soar high above the competition!


3. Coaching U Podcast (Click Here)

This podcast is an extension of the Coaching U education and training program. Coach Brendan Suhr moves the lessons off of the court and into your earbuds with interviews of coaches on their career journeys, coaching philosophies and challenges they have overcome. Weekly podcast featuring the best coaches in the world hosted by 2-Time NBA World Champion, Brendan Suhr.Each episode Coach Suhr and his guests give you insight into some of the best and newest trends, techniques, philosophies and lessons from not only the game of basketball; but also in leadership, culture, professional development and life.

4. High School Hoops: (Click Here)

A Discussion all about being and coaching Basketball at the High School Level Scrimmage, Preparation, Practice Planning, Parents, Getting your Players to Play Hard, and everything in between MUCH MORE….

5. Conversations With Coach George Raveling (Click Here)

Coach Raveling is considered by most as the godfather of college basketball coaching. On his podcast, Coach Raveling shares lessons for personal and professional growth through his conversations with other coaches. This is truly a hidden gem that I found several years ago…

6. 1 Question Leadership Podcast (Click Here) 

The 1.Question Leadership Podcast is designed to highlight executive and organizational leadership with a heavy emphasis on college athletics. 1.Question is primarily hosted by @TaiMBrown, but features occasional guest hosts.

7. Coaching Youth Hoops ( Click Here)

Are you a new or experienced youth basketball coach looking to cut through the noise and have someone just tell you what works?  It’s easy to waste time and money learning how to coach kindergarten through 8th grade basketball on your own.  Join season youth basketball coaches Bill and Steve as they give you the blueprint you need to succeed on and off the court.  In each episode, you’ll discover easy-to-imp

8.  The 5 Minute Basketball Coaching Podcast(Click Here)

It is a short looking into coaching basketball and basketball drills, plays, practices, tips and much more.

9.  Hidden Gem (No Pun Intended) IDAHO BASKETBALL Coaching (Click Here)

Interviews about coaching high school basketball in the Gem State. If you are a high school basketball coach and would like to talk hoops, send a DM on Twitter or email at Idahobasketballcoachingpodcast@gmail.com.

10.  The Funnel Down Defense Podcast. ( Click Here)

This podcast go through the Funnel Down Defense and how it can change the way you coach the game. The defense can be used with any type of athlete and any team. It takes your opponent out of there offense in seconds

Bonus;  Here are some Bonus Basketball Coaching Podcasts and a few that are just fun.

Coaching Culture The podcast for leaders in athletics. Sharing practical ideas on how to build character and leadership with a like-minded community.

Teacher Side Gig Do you have a side gig? I have colleagues who drive for Lyft/Uber, work in the service industry, clean houses and businesses, run online businesses, drive trucks, and work in all sorts of other industries during the Summer AND school year. Some have even left teaching because their other job pays more and provides better benefits.

Greatest Game Podcast
The Greatest Games Podcast. Our intention is to create a light and fun environment where we can just talk hoops, and hopefully offer some wisdom to young coaches and seasoned coaches alike about some of the lessons we have learned along the way. We really appreciate you coming by.

A Pen and a Napkin:  Great interviews and inspiration to take you on this great journey of coaching

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